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eKaay light

eKaay light moves the entering of the password from the PC to the smartphone. The eKaay smartphone app is not necessary - any QR code scanner app on the smartphone suffices.

Password Login:


Username: aaa
Password: julia1

Instructions. Please can the 2D Code with some QR code reader app (or eKaay app) on your smartphone. Afterwards you will be able to enter username and password on your smartphone browser and after submitting it there you will be logged in - not on the smartphone but on this PC.

Purpose. What is the use of eKaay light? First of all you avoid entering the password on the PC which may be more likely to be infected by keylogging trojans than your smartphone is. Moreover, your smartphone browser will usually store the password. Therefore, the second time you use eKaay light for a portal you don't have to type the password again. In other words, you don't have to memorize the password anymore.

History. The method called here eKaay light was basically already suggested in 2006 by Tanaka/Teshigawara. In 2012 it was announced by Google as Google Sesame (renounced a week later), see page Smart Login history.

Comparison with eKaay Key. eKaay light is less secure than eKaay Key because it is just a variant of the password method. For example, a trojan only controlling the smartphone browser is enough for an identity theft - the trojan does not have to infiltrate the smartphone operating system. On the other hand, ekaay light is more comfortable than eKaay because the user does not have to download an app, and provisioning for a portal only consists of entering username and password on the smartphone once.

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