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License: Prices and Ordering Process

Prices. The prices for the eKaay licence are determined by the business type of the portal and the number of registered users. On page Price List you can compute the price for your portal.

Below you find some examples.

Licence type: eternal licence, B2C portal

Number user 500 (Minimum) 5,000 50,000 500,000
Price per user:
20 Cent
10 Cent
5 Cent
2.5 Cent
Total Price: 100 Euro 500 Euro 2,500 Euro 12.500 Euro
Support Phone+Email: 60 min. 2 h 6 h 20 h
-- -- -- 2 days
App Updates
Basic Maintenance:

Delivery. The eKaay licence includes the following:

Free and Non-Binding: Test-Implementation incl. Support. You can implement eKaay on a test system of yours, for free and non-binding. Please write an email to info at ekaay dot com. We will send you the PHP SDK and will support you via phone and email, this is also for free. Moreover, you can run eKaay for 2 weeks on your public (''real'') system for free. After these 2 weeks you have to decide whether you buy the licence.

Smartphone-SDK. In case the portal has it own smartphone app it is possible to transfer the eKaay functionality to the portal app, via smartphone library, this holds for both systems iOS and Android. This has the advantage for the customer that he does not have download a second app (eKaay) and, moreover, he is automatically activated for eKaay for the portal (happens in background). The additional cost for the Smartphone SDK is 4000 Euro for both libraries iOS and Android.

Getting the eKaay SDK

Ordering request. In order to get the SDK, please send an email to info at ekaay dot com, including the following information:

SDK. We then send to you the SDK for the fast integration of eKaay into your portal, see Implementation.

Free and Unbinding Testing. With the SDK you also get the bill for the eKaay licence for your portal. But you don't have to pay the first 4 weeks, until everything is implemented and tested, see above - even the support is for free. Within these 4 weeks you can return the eKaay licence - without naming a reason and without any costs.

Accountability. Any direct or indirect accountability for any kind of damage is excluded. It is only guaranteed that the eKaay software does not contain backdoors.

Guarantee. The is no legal right for the customer concerning change requests for the software. Nevertheless, usually software change requests can be carried out within the support budget. And of course, error notes and suggestions are welcome by ekaay and will processed immediately. Nevertheless, there no legal entitlement for such change requests.

Further Informationen. For more information about prices and condidtions please write an email to the following address: info at ekaay dot com.

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