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Integration of eKaay into shopware (e-Commerce System)


It is assumed that a public shopware portal is up and running. The website has to be public (Intranet is not enough) because the smartphones have to be able to reach the portal.
  1. Install ekaay SDK
    1. Order ekaay SDK at www.ekaay.com, email: info at ekaay dot com
    2. Unzip ekaay.zip to directory ekaay/
    3. Put directory ekaay/ into main directory shopware/
    4. Add database information in /shopware/ekaay/db_settings.php (same DB as the one for shopware)
    5. Check whether ekaay works locally by calling ''../shopware/ekaay/test/'' in a browser
    6. Change file /shopware/ekaay/settings.php the following way:
    7. (optional) Replace /shopware/ekaay/logo.png by your quadratic png logo

  2. Changes within shopware: (version 4.0.7)
  3. eKaay should be up and running
  4. Futher settings for eKaay can be found at Implementation ekaay-Engine - Define Settings

Demo Instance

Demo Instance shopware (version 4.0.7) with eKaay (version 2.6.10) running:


Try it:

  1. Activate eKaay
    1. On the PC register for a shop customer account and stay on the ''Account Dashboard" page
    2. Download eKaay app to your smartphone, open it and go to the ''Scan'' Modus
    3. Scan the QR-code shown on the bottom of ''Account Dashboard" on the PC browser
    4. Log out (on the PC)
  2. Login via eKaay
    1. Klick the dropdown ''My Account'' on the shop page on the PC
    2. Open the eKaay app, go to the ''Scan'' Modus, and scan the QR-code shown within the dropdown menu
    3. After 1 or 2 seconds you should be logged in
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