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Integration of eKaay into Gambio


  1. Changes within Gambio: (version GX2)
    1. Change file Dateien/system/views/LoginContentView.inc.php the following way (edit URL accordingly):
    2. Change file Dateien/templates/EyeCandy/boxes/box_login_dropdown.html the following way (edit URL accordingly):
    3. Change file Dateien/templates/EyeCandy/module/login.html the following way (edit URL accordingly):
    4. Change file Dateien/account_edit.php the following way (just paste, no editing needed):
    5. Change file Dateien/templates/EyeCandy/module/account_edit.html the following way (edit URL accordingly):
    6. (Optional) Write behind the first entry in the list in Dateien/templates/EyeCandy/module/account.html a hint for eKaay:
  2. Install ekaay SDK
    1. Order ekaay SDK at www.ekaay.com, email: info at ekaay dot com
    2. Unzip ekaay.zip to directory ekaay/
    3. Put directory ekaay/ in the same directory as directory Dateien/
    4. Add database information in ekaay/db_settings.php (DB may be the same as the one for Gambio)
    5. Change file ekaay/settings.php accordingly
    6. (optional) Replace ekaay/logo.png by your quadratic png logo
  3. eKaay should be up and running

Demo Instance

Demo Instance gambio with eKaay (version 2.5.0) running:


Register for an account --> log in via password --> activate eKaay on your mobile --> logout --> log in via eKaay !
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