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Integration of eKaay into Drupal

Estimated integration time: 5 to 10 minutes. No programming skills needed.

Integration Instructions

  1. Prepare your Drupal installation
    1. Download the eKaay module for Drupal.
    2. Log in as admin and install the new module - the module needs no settings.
  2. Install ekaay SDK
    1. Order ekaay SDK, email: info at ekaay dot com
    2. Unzip ekaay.zip to directory ekaay/
    3. Put directory ekaay/ in the main (=top) Drupal directory
    4. Add database information in ekaay/db_settings.php (DB should be the same as the one for drupal)
    5. Replace the contents of ekaay/settings.php by this Drupal settings.php file.
      • Replace the URL 'http://www.ekaay.com/integration/drupal/drupal-7.23/' (on top) by the URL of your Drupal instance
      • Set other options - like color of QR Code etc. - later.
    6. (optional) Replace ekaay/logo.png by your quadratic png logo
  3. eKaay should be up and running

Demo Instance

Drupal Instance (version 7.23) with eKaay (version 2.6.14) running:


Try it: Register for an account --> log in via password --> go to ''My account/eKaay'' --> download eKaay app to your cell phone --> activate eKaay --> log out --> log in via eKaay !


Authors of the Drupal module: Daniel Wehner and Bernd Borchert.
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