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eKaay Implementation

Requirement PHP Webspace. For the so-called ''eKaay-Server'' a PHP webspace is necessary. If the portal server understands PHP the webserver of the portal server should be used for that. Otherwise a PHP webspace may be created within the portal server IT system, or outside the portal server.

Implementation. The implementation takes place on two sites: on the new ekaay Engine server and the already existing portal server:

On the top right of this webpage you find buttons which let you easily navigate among these 3 webpages.

Order. The two implementation parts are quite independend of each other, for example, the portal server implementation could be completed before the other has started. The recommended order is:

The two teams may be different from each other. Of course, on the portal server site one should work first on a test system.

Additional Entrance. A portal server using the password method for the user accounts may use eKaay as an additional entrance to the user accounts. The password login stays active for all users, i.e. eKaay is just a side entrance.

Server Communication. The communication between portal server and eKaay Engine is based on URL calls.

White Label. Everthing appearing on the portal website within the eKaay iframes is easily adjustable: texts, links, colors, styles, color/size/logo of the 2D code, etc.

Implementation Effort. Estimated effort for implementation of eKaay: a few hours, at most a few days. In case that there already exists experience with integrating eKaay into the given software system of the portal server (like with Drupal, osCommerce, etc.), the effort may be less than an hour, see page Integration.

Info. For more information send an email to: info at ekaay dot com

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