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History of the Smart Login Method

2006 Tanaka/Teshigawara (Iwate Univ., Japan) describe a method for the login on a PC which allows the user to enter the password on his mobile phone. Conference paper eKaay light
2007 Borchert/Reinhardt (Tübingen Univ., Germany) suggest the eKaay PIN method. Patent eKaay PIN
2008 Leon Cobos/De la Hoz (GMV Inc., Spain) fully describe the Smart Login method, involving keys on the smartphone, and browser polling. Patent eKaay
2009 Borchert/Reinhardt (Tübingen Univ., Germany) independently develop the Smart Login method. Students start developing the software. Patent application eKaay
2009 Borchert (Tübingen Univ., Germany) suggests to move the keys out to a card which is contacted by the smartphone via NFC. Patent eKaay NFC
2010 Several academic and corporate research groups and start-ups begin to develop Smart Login solutions. Competitors eKaay
2011 First non-test Smart Login portal live. Webmail Univ. Tübingen eKaay
2012 Google announces a login method which lets the user enter his password on his smartphone (and renounces this a week later). Google Sesame eKaay light
2013 Borchert/Günther (Tübingen Univ., Germany) combine Smart Login with NFC smartcards containing the keys. Conference paper (pdf) eKaay NFC
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