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eKaay PIN light

eKaay PIN light uses two devices (PC + Smartphone) in order to let the user enter the password. On both devices the password cannot be tapped by trojans.

Username: aaa
Password: julia1

Instructions. Scan the 2D Code with some QR code reader app on your smartphone, and you will be able to enter the password on the PC via mouse clicks while you see on your smartphone which buttons to click, like with eKaay PIN.

Purpose. eKaay PIN light is a security method: neither PC trojans nor smartphone trojans are able to tap the password.

History. eKaay PIN light is from Borchert/Reinhardt 2007. While eKaay PIN ist 2-factor, eKaay PIN light is purely 1-factor what-you-know.

Comparison with eKaay. eKaay PIN light is very secure against tapping PC trojans and smartphone trojans, and also against smartphone thieves.

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